Welcome to our world!
As we all realize, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is
a major supporting factor in a country’s development in Asian countries now.
For instance, the efficient provision of appropriate ICT infrastructure will enhance
overall economic growth and improve the quality of life.
Today, we observe the convergence occurring everywhere including contents,
platforms, networks, and devices. In recent years, ICT convergence technologies
such Artificial Intelligence, 5G e-Health, 5G V2X, Drone/Robot, AR/VR, and u-computing has been
focused for ICT convergence for various infrastructures. Thus, the researchers
and engineers from diverse fields need to collaborate more than ever to
keep the pace of the advancements of the ICT technologies. Our members are
conducting the research of the cutting edge technology and service issues including
Artificial Intelligence, 6G communications, Energy Internet, Optical Wireless
Communications, Optical Camera Communications, big data, blockchain, wireless and
mobile networks, ICT regulation policy and much more.