International Conference

학술대회 명 논문명
ICUFN 2010 Priority based Resource Allocation for Visible Light Communication
ICUFN2010 Interference Mitigation Using Interference Mitigation Using Dynamic Frequency Re-use for Dense Femtocell Network Architectures
ICUFN2010 Approximate Queuing Analysis For IEEE 802.15.4 Sensor Network
JCIC2010 Energy-Balanced and Guaranteed Coverage Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
TSIC2010 GTS Allocation for Bursty Traffic in IEEE 802.15.4 WPANs
ICCE2010 Dynamic Channel Allocation for QoS Provisioning in Visible Light Communication
KICS2011 Simulation of Link Switching Scheme for LED-ID System
KICS2011 Horizontal and Vertical Coverage of LED-ID System
KICS2011 Handover Performance of Mobile IPTV over Mobile WiMAX Networks
KICS2011 Dynamic Bandwidth Reservation for Call Admission Control in Mobile IPTV Networks
KICS Winter Conf. 2012 Using Multi-parameters MAC for Priority in Visible Light Communication
KICS Winter Conf. 2012 Location-Aware Fast Link Switching Scheme for LED-ID System
KICS Winter Conf. 2012 LED-ID Structure for Cooperative
KICS2012 Free-Space Optical Communication based Backhaul Networks for Femtocellular Network Deployment in Vehicular Environments
JCCI2012 Femtocellular Network Deployment for Wireless Coverage Improvement in Train Environment
ICTC2012 Predictive Location-based Link Switching Scheme for LED-ID System
ICTC2012 Multi-level Bandwidth Adaptation for QoS Provisioning in Wireless Network
ICTC2012 Dynamic Channel Selection Scheme for IEEE 802.15.7 Visible Light Communication
KICS2012 MLSE Equalization in Visible Light Communication System
KICS2012 Higher Order Modulation Schemes for Visible Light Communication Using White LEDs in Multiple Reflection Scenarios
ICCE2012 Reducing Link Switching Delay in LED-ID Network based on Location Information of Mobile Device
SWCC 2012 Interference Avoidance using Multi-color Channel in LED-ID Network
EICT2014 Balanced Energy and Coverage Guaranteed Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
EICT2014 Performance Enhancement of MIMO based Visible Light Communication
JCCI2014 Research Issues about D2D in IEEE 802.15.7a Optical Camera Communication Study Group
ICCPND2014 Diversity Combining Techniques in MIMO VLC System
ICTC2014 Class-based interference management in wireless networks
ICTC2014 The internet of LED: A LED-ID based interoperability and interconnectivity perspective
IPIN2014 Neural Network Based Indoor Positioning Technique in Optical Camera Communication System
KICS2014 Data Rate Analysis in Asynchronous Optical Camera Communication